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ezee webEzee de Prophet, real name "Ezekiel Shiga", first got into music as a teenager, listening to rap and R n B music and becoming a chorister in his local church and later on, a choir master and then forming an existing choir in his present day church (Holy Trinity Choir). However, Ezee de prophet soon discovered his gift of composing songs including Rap songs.

Filled with zeal and passion for rap music, Ezee de prophet founded a group in his high school days called M.A.D Squad (Men Against Darkness), this group of other talented rappers who were his school mate comprised of Squarsh, Gold Blaze and Big L. He started his recording after his high school, recording the singles “Calling” featuring Dina Adams and “throw your hands up” featuring Squarsh. He later embarked on a production of his first album “the Truth” though it was never released.

Still filled with passion for Gospel hip hop music, he took time off to do more research and study about how to be successful in gospel hiphop. Ezee later became a producer and embarked on a new project, which is the establishing of a record label Hisstory Records”,



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